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Beach Destinations That Rival the Best in the World

Beach Destinations That Rival the Best in the World

Explore Algeria’s Magical and Unforgettable Coast

Ain Achir Beach

Situated on the coast of Annaba, less than 100 kilometres from the border of Tunisia, is Ain Achir Beach, one of Algeria’s most picturesque spots to catch the hot African sun. The beach is surrounded by mountain views and is known for its massive rocks that sit on its soft golden sands. 

Plage Ain Achir is a beautiful, clean, safe, pristine, family-friendly and relaxing and small sandy beach in Annaba. Everything around you is peaceful, natural, relaxing. It’s a pretty and safe place for both adults and children to visit in the summer. It has clear water, friendly locals, easy access, and good 3G+ coverage. The water there is clear. This beach is so pretty that you can spend hours stuck up in its enchantment! It’s around 0.69km in length. It is never crowded here. The views are amazing and the weather is usually nice. This beach is also known as شاطئ عين عشير and Beach Ain Achir.

El Kala has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world

El Kala

El Kala in Algeria is definitely one of the world’s most beautiful destinations situated between Annaba and Tabarka.  By far one of Algeria’s most popular destination for inner city vacationers, it rivals Constantine, Batna, Tebessa, Biskra, El-Oued with an abundance of natural landscapes and history.

Known as “Calle” in French, the French in colonial times used the area for the docking of ships making El Kala the first Mediterranean Gulf to dock their ships. The

city stretches from Oued Seybouse in the west to the Algerian-Tunisian border, in the east and is famous for stunning lakes, a national park and very interesting attractions.

“Queen of coral” El Kala is a coastal and tourist town that is truly a summer hotspot.

Tourists flock to El Kala from everywhere to enjoy its scenery and unique exhibitions.

The second largest city in the region, the National Cemetery, a fishing port and many beaches are found here.

According to Algeria’s tourism ministry, over two million visitors frequent the beaches of the El Tarf wilaya including that of Cap Rosa and the old Kale where there is a historic site dating from 1683 of Sasson Napoleon (Bastion de France) yearly.

Definitely the most beautiful region of Algeria, El-Kala forms part of one in seven World Heritage listed lakes and paradisiacal beaches of Algeria.

Definitely the most beautiful region of Algeria, El-Kala forms part of one in seven World Heritage listed lakes and paradisiacal beaches of Algeria.

Boating a 50 km coastline from Cape Segleb (or Cape Roux) to Cape Rosa, the coral formation is magnificent and shelters several species of fish.

The seabed is naturally endowed with nutrient-rich freshwater currents from coastal lakes that have, over time, created an underwater world of unparalleled beauty abounding with aquatic life that singles the shores of the sea.

Beaches, dunes, sandstone cliffs and caves make up the coastline that is an amazing nesting ground for many bird species.

El Kala is home to ancient landmarks as Fort du Moulin, a remnant of the Ottoman era that was intended for the exploitation and export of coral.  The Ksar El Djadj Palace, known as ‘Bordj El Romaine, is surrounded by a forest and dates back to middle ages of the Romans along with the archaeological site of Ksar Lalla Fatma, located in a forest of cork oaks. The 17th century Bastion de France is an old trading post that has been classified as a historic site since 1830.

El Kala National Park created in 1983 is the largest natural park in northern Algeria, covering a landmass of ​​8000 hectares. Classified as a biosphere reserve by Unesco in 1990, the Park is home to four lakes: Oubeira, El Mellah, Tonga and the Lake of birds, a refuge home for thousands of migrating birds.

Check out these amazing lakes around El Kala.

  • Lake Oubeira is natural freshwater lake populated by fish. It is a place of passage for migratory birds of various species. 
  • Lake El Mellah is a brackish water lagoon as its name suggests. The salinity of Lake El Mellah is variable depending on the time of year.
  • The Shallow Lake of Birds welcomes millions of migratory birds every year, while Lake Tonga is a deep Lake that is bordered by a large alder forest.

Unmissable is the Cap Rosa lighthouse about twenty kilometers west of El Kala.  This sentinel, erected in 1906 is made up of a cylindrical tower that has been guiding sailors for more than two centuries.


Located in north-eastern Algeria, Jijel is known for its exquisite beaches. No matter where you are in this province, you’re bound to be stunned by the crystal-clear Mediterranean waters that surround it. From Plage Kotama to its rocky cliffs, forget Italy, this is the new Med spot. 

A noteworthy site in Jijel is the fascinating historical Phoenician tombs, located outside the town. The greatest attractions are the abundance of natural wonders, wildlife, birds and the pristine beaches. Algerian locals enjoy the peace and tranquility that is found here with a foreign visitor arriving ever so often to appreciate this secluded getaway. Jijel can be reached by road from Algiers, Constantine, Bejaia and Setif. The rugged landscape of the town and the magical opportunity to explore an area that has been left virtually untouched is an adventure. And being able to completely break away from the usual tourist destinations in Algeria and walk off the beaten track is a chance that should not be passed up.

Sidi Fredj

If you find yourself in Algiers, a visit to Sidi Fredj is a must. The peninsula is just 30 kilometres away from the Algerian capital of Algiers. It is part of the commune of Staoueli. With luxury resorts sitting on the Mediterranean coast, its the perfect Algerian getaway for anyone looking for both a sunny and historic escape. 

Sidi Fredj is a playground for the rich and a town filled with a variety noteworthy attractions and exciting activities.Visitors are able to attend great shows at the theatre. Other services are also offered, including boating as boating enthusiasts are able to dock in the harbor. Forests and landscapes are found in this region, which is home to the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

The Port of Sidi Fredj is considered as the portal of Africa and a historical landmark as in the year 1830, the French colonizer landed the troops there and it again became a vital military post during World War 2. The architecture of the Port combines modernism and the traditions of Algiers, with its vaulted horseshoes. The marina is one of the most attractive ones in the south shore of the Mediterranean with a capacity of 400 pleasure craft.

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