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5 Hotty Totty Beaches You’ll Love

With so many incredible beaches to choose from across Africa, we picked these five based on what they are popular for.  Maybe you might want that underwater experience, or just basking under the African sun.  Whatever it is, we hope these five can fire you up.

Beyond Safaris.

Diani Beach in Kenya is undoubtedly one of East Africa’s best beaches easily accessed from Mombasa.  Boasting white sands and a coral reef with thriving marine, go snorkeling, surfing, swimming, or quite simply, relax.

Island Hopping

From the white beautiful sandy beaches of Mahe, board your own personal yacht or catamaran for a beautiful island-hopping tour.  Stop anywhere you wish along the way, after all this is your dream vacay.  Mahe, Seychelles

World-Class Waves

Enjoy N’Gor’s uncrowded beaches and world-class waves – the perfect spot for a surfing safari.  Dakar, Senegal.

Galloping Dreams

The long strand of Tangier Beach creates the perfect uncrowded pathway for camel riding. With horses and camels for hire, there’s nothing more memorable than galloping across the African shore.  Tangiers, Morocco

Beach Yoga

One of West Africa’s most stunning beaches, Tokeh Sands Beach’s solitude is the perfect space for beach yoga.  White sands, crystal waters surrounded by lush Mountains and waves. Namaste.  Freetown, Sierra Leone

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