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The Sphinx of Egypt

Elmina Castle

Mount Kilimanjaro

The Serengeti


The touristic particularity of Africa lies in the wide variety of points of interests, diversity and multitudes of landscapes, as well as its rich cultural heritage.  The only way to know Africa is by experiencing the 54 countries.  Each, unique in its own ways, offers visitors a plethora of experiences – from incredible cuisine, warm hospitality, intriguing cultures, unrivalled landscapes, to luxurious beaches and resorts that stretch along the Mediterranean and Red Seas, into the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

Mount Kilimanjaro majestically overlooking the Continent, Africa’s transatlantic slave trade apparent in every crack and crevice, the annual wild beast migration of the Serengeti,  the Great Sphinx at Giza, and Nelson Mandela’s heroism are a  few of Africa’s marvels.  The architecture, stories, art, music, dance and more are intricately woven into a single Africa fabric.

Explore Africa.


Pristine coastline, mountains, desert and unspoiled nature offer visitors fascinating possibilities to explore, learn and play. Trek the Sahara, marvel vestiges of the Roman era through architecture and museums, while enjoying mouthwatering dining and great shopping.


Nurture your adventurous spirit in a destination with unique experiences amidst a lush environment of rivers, waterfalls and oceanic coastline. Untouched nature, cultural diversity, unique wildlife and hospitable locals - Angola will awaken the explorer within.


Discover Benin and discover the true Africa. Benin has it all: great wildlife, great beaches, great people and culture, while catering to tourists without feeling like a tourist destination.


Botswana's game reserves are at its core. Explore the awe-inspiring the Okavango Delta which creates a beautiful maze of waterways, islands and lakes in the rainy season. Enjoy nature’s luxuries at a luxury lodge or safari camps.

Burkina Faso

Meet the friendly Burkinabes and experience one of Africa’s most culturally dynamic destinations. Known for folk music from 60 different ethnic groups, Burkinabé traditional music has continued to thrive and produce a major pan-African success.


Discover the four corners of Burundi! Climb the hill tops, walk the rain forests, navigate the lakes and sunbathe on amazing beaches. Burundi is the ideal destination for an unforgettable vacation.

Cabo Verde

This awe-inspiring archipelago in the Atlantic consists of ten volcanic islands and centuries of Portuguese colonial culture plus traditions from Africa…all blended into a cultural life evidenced in literary, food, architecture, music, and art.


One of Africa’s oldest countries and home to several World Heritage sites. Explore history, cultural, unusual attractions, and wildlife at national parks. Lounge one of Cameroon’s beautiful beaches and discover the unique black sand beach.


From the desert zone, Sahelian belt, Sudanian savanna to Lake Chad, this home of nomads showcases some of the world’s most scenic and beautiful places as the Zakouma National Park or Tibetsi and Ennedi Mountains.


The archipelago of islands is a beautiful tropical oasis in the Indian Ocean. Grand Comores, Moheli and Anjouan are beautiful natural settings waiting to be explored by the world’s adverturers.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Discover the mosaic of traditional arts with pop culture, music, and fashion. DRC rivals the world’s best destinations with a plethora of natural and scenic landscapes and a 25-mile coastline on the Atlantic Ocean.

Cote d’Ivoire

Cote d’Ivoire offers visitors excitement, luxury, adventure, and down-home hospitality. The "jewel of West Africa” has influences of both France and Africa. Explore the juxtaposition of urban and rural, from fashionable Abidjan to incredible country-sides


The “Horn of Africa,” is a wanderlust haven with a myriad of natural wonders that one can explore and experience. Imagine unique landforms, unusual beaches, spectacular volcanic mountains, rich culture, and intriguing history.


A historical and fascinating panorama of temples, tombs and palaces spanning 4,000 years. Revel under the sun in the Red Sea Riviera, swim with dolphins, explore incredible flora and fauna, shop exotic.

Equatorial Guinea

Sixty-eight miles from the equator and home to wildlife, pristine beaches, exciting history, culture, volcanic islands, and rainforests. Enjoy reggae, soukous and makoussa, a testament of the Country’s roots, history and influences.


Mountainous plateau from Ethiopia to the Red Sea, discover the Dahlak Archipelago. One cannot visit Eritrea without a great food experience, from hot flavorful to fragrant cuisines. Enjoy an amazing traditional coffee drinking ceremony.


Discover the smallest landlocked country in the Southern hemisphere’s rich culture, stunning mountains and valleys, forests and plains; plus the Big Five, and a fascinating mix of modern and traditional festivals, ceremonies and events.


This ancient country’s heritage, history, and biodiversity are reflected in nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites – more than any other country in Africa. Explore compelling antiquities, mountains, volcanic landscapes, and fauna plus an intriguing culture.


The ‘Last Eden on Earth’, forming part of the of the world’s second largest basin is a vast landscape of flora and fauna, natural attractions, spectacular national parks, countless waterfalls and rich folkloric festivals.

The Gambia

Gambia’s beaches, sunshine, culture, friendly and hospitable people have birthed the slogan, “the Smiling Coast of Africa.” Tour historic slave trade stations, experience culture, shopping, great resorts, and food, the Gambia is a great escape from the everyday.


The land of rich culture, heritage, warmth and rhythm. Experience the rich culture, relive history through our heritage, experience adventure in nature, feel the rhythm with entertaining nightlife. Akwaaba!


Enjoy sunny beaches in West Africa’s tropics, Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve and the coastal capital, Conakry, home to the modern Grand Mosque and the National Museum.


Visit this multitude of landscapes, friendly people, and a rich heritage. An archipelago of twenty tropical beautiful islands, long white-sandy uncrowded beaches for lounging days with succulent seafoods.


Kenya’s magic is everywhere, from elephants, lions, leopards, zebras to meandering in breathtaking mountains, forest, and secluded waterfalls. Visit Nairobi, East Africa's most cosmopolitan city with luxury stays, great dining and electrifying nightlife.


Nestled in the highlands of South Africa, is breathtaking snowy winters and dramatic summers, lush grasslands, alpine meadows, jagged hills, and winding rivers for hiking, camping, cave visits, horseback riding, trekking, and winter sports.


Africa’s oldest independent republic, embark on a journey into the only country founded by freed US slaves and natives Africans, bask along the Atlantic, trek rainforest or surf one of the world’s top 10 waves.


Explore sights, very beautiful nature, beaches, lakes, mountains, and the Sahara of Libya. Home to many historical buildings and art objects, Libyan ancient traditions, great cuisine, luxury resorts and incredible nature makes it a fascinating destination.


Rich culture, incredible flora and fauna, breathtaking beaches, luxurious destinations, grassy plateaus to volcanoes and opaque forests, Madagascar, the world's fourth largest island is an unforgettable experience.


The ‘Warm Heart Of Africa’, offers wildlife, culture, adventure, scenery, and of course the third largest lake in Africa. A year-round destination, some describe Malawi as the most attractive and complete destination in Africa!


Cradle of the great empires and kingdoms of West Africa, Mali, rich in its glorious past is a unique historical and cultural heritage has been given the UNESCO world heritage label.


Nestled between the Atlantic coast, Western Sahara, Algeria, Mali and Senegal to the southwest, for adventure tourists Mauritania is a rising gem. Discover endless desert and awe-inspiring rock formation.


Enchanting and uplifting, behind each smile lies the promise of a unique holiday. The contrast of a multitude of colours and tastes, the island, set in its turquoise sea, is an oasis of peace and tranquillity.


Experience the history, medinas, ancient landmarks, art & culture, food, hospitality and luxury of Marrakech, Casablanca and beyond. Incredible shopping, dining, pampering, discoveries and all the trimmings of a lux vacation.


Enjoy the rich palette from stunning beaches to delicious cuisines, art, architecture, food, music, and dance fused with a cultural mix of influences from Africa, China, India, and Portugal amidst archaeological wonders.


Discover the oldest desert in the world, and the only one with large mammals, the highest sand dunes in world at Sossusvlei, and the second largest canyon, Fish River Canyon. Namibia is a wonder.


In Africa’s most populous country are roomy rivers, idylliic beaches, unique wildlife, vast tracts of unspoiled nature of tropical forests, magnificent waterfalls. Explore the metropoles from Abuja, Lagos and many more incredible cities.


The land of a thousand hills, explore Rwanda’s stunning scenery, meet its warm and friendly people, see extraordinary biodiversity, incredible wildlife throughout its volcanoes, montane rainforest and sweeping plains and the elegant capital city Kigali.

Sao Tome and Principe

A lush tropical paradise of luxury and an intoxicating blend of sunlight, sea, and air. Discover Hells mouth, a natural phenomenon, visit plantation houses from the colonial past, now transformed into hotels and cafés.


Popular for musicians like Youssou N’dor, Africa’s largest monument, amazing beaches including the pink lake, and the Atlantic slave trade center of Goree Island, Senegal has it all. Explore shopping, dining, nightlife in the capital, Dakar.


A treasure trove of enjoyment for above and beneath the waves, free roaming giant land tortoises, nature sanctuaries, a melting pot of traditions viewed in monuments and museums, and natural wonders in the Indian Ocean.

Sierra Leone

A captivating destination with a vibrant culture, find your freedom on palm-fringed beaches, in the radiant smiles of the locals and beyond the depths of the lush rainforests of its tropical interior.


Discover Mogadishu dating back to the 10th century, explore coastal towns, Africa’s oldest and most exquisite cave paintings, 25 decorated shelters dating as far back as 5000 BC and Jazeera Beach, with white sandy and crystal-clear waters.

South Africa

A unique sensory/spiritual reawakening that leaves visitors feeling inspired, enriched and rejuvenated. Reconnect with real life while experiencing a diversity of options to suit every traveler.

South Sudan

Discover the semi-nomadic cattle herding peoples of South Sudan and cultural confluences of Egyptians, Ottomans, British and Sudanese. This Equator country is a wanderlust landscape of tropical rain forest, The White Nile, and Kinveti mountains.


The River Nile separates the Sahara into the Libyan and the Nubian Deserts. Discover beautiful coral reefs at shallow depth, and an ancient cultural heritage with artifacts dating from the Stone Age. Explore an unpretentious and amazing Africa.


Experience the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, the Serengeti annual wildebeest migration, the cosmopolitan Dar es Salaam’s nightlife, shopping, fun activities and dining and the beaches of Zanzibar.


Explore the coast lined with coconut palms, waterfalls in the heart of the forest, azure waters of the Gulf of Benin, verdant mountains, rolling hills, scenic valleys, sprawling plateaus, rippling rivers and peaceful lagoons.


Tunisia boasts a coastline with studded islands and archipelagos, fantastic traditions and rich heritage, the rocky spurs of Tabarka, the luxury resort town of Yasmine Hammamet and Tunis’ nightlife, dining, resorts and so much more.


The Pearl’s undeniable natural beauty is in Rwenzori peaks, parks featuring Africa’s Big 5, winding roads, unique cultures and a story at every turn, especially from Ugandans renowned for their warmth and charm.


Victoria Falls, the wild Zambezi River, abundant wildlife, and raw wilderness, all in one friendly country, Zambia. Discover unforgettable holidays exploring waterways that provide adrenaline-thrills or a leisurely playground of activities for all ages.


Explore medieval era cities, dramatic landscapes and diverse wildlife reserves and safaris. On the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls make a thundering 108m drop into the Batoka Gorge, for white-water rafting and bungee-jumping.

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